Fuel: It's Going To Be Very Tough For Anyone To Beat Him

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Fuel: It's Going To Be Very Tough For Anyone To Beat Him

Post by FUELTheBandicoot on Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:35 pm

Fuel Bandicoot: It's coming down to it, with only 13 races to go until we crown a champion, many drivers came into this season with the idea of winning and taking home the championship for the first ever year long season title. With us not having a chase, we are not restarting our "playoff" system. We reward the champion of this season based on who earned the most points through out the season starting at the Daytona 500 in April to the last week of December at Washington DC.

36 Race Season. 23 Races have been completed, 13 Races are still to be ran and here is our Top 10 in the points standings!

1. #97 Jake Baskinger 662
2. #48 Nick Mace -47
3. #6 Luke Martin -60
4. #25 Ashley Mace -65
5. #17 Jesse Turner -67
6. #88 Jeff James -71
7. #2 Jordan Fisher -77
8. #43 Andreas Allen -98
9. #28 James Silverfox -109
10. #19 DJ Kurtis -123

As all of you know, our points system rewards first place in the race 42 points, 2nd place get 41 points, 3rd place gets 40 points, and last place gets 1 point. That means Jake Baskinger holds a little over an entire race point lead over 2nd place in points Nick Mace. It can be made up, we've seen the margin be made up before in seasons past but with how consistent Baskinger has been, its going to be very tough for anyone to beat him.

Ultimately I think for anyone to really be lurking to still strike at this title has to be less than 100 points back. I've been saying all along, anyone less than 100 points back can get themselves back into this title fight. However, I think it's a 7 man race for the championship. With Andreas Allen and James Silverfox having problems at Mosport only solidified to me that they aren't going to be consistent enough to rival Baskinger for this title. So after Mosport being done, definitely Allen and Silverfox was given the fork and are done in their hopes of being the champion of this season. However, they still have a very slim chance but I don't think it'll get made up.

Baskinger, Martin, The Two Mace's, Turner, James, and even Jordan Fisher are still the drivers I will say are in a good shot at coming away with the title. I think Jordan Fisher will eventually work his way out of that list because I really don't see the rookie taking on the legends for this title. If Baskinger has a solid season the rest of the way to DC. It's going to be very tough to beat him. However, if anyone can stop Baskinger in his hopes of a championship it would be Nick Mace and Luke Martin. Combined Mace and Martin have 17 DNF's this season, Mace having 9, Martin having 8. If those two can find the consistency and good runs. Baskinger will have some competition. Jesse Turner and Jeff James have been some surprising faces this season with them both winning back to back races, I wouldn't count them out in maybe winning this championship. Turner and James came up through the ranks racing underfunded cars and have worked their way up into great teams, ultimately into a spot at winning a Sony Cup Series championship! They both sit nearly 2 races back to Baskinger, they need some luck and hardships from Baskinger to get themselves back into this but they are lurking. Ashley Mace sits 4th in points and after a bad race today she went from 41 points back to Baskinger to 65 points back to Baskinger after her wreck today at Mosport. Ashley has had nothing but Top10 cars all season, not really a threat to win but just real solid, that's the reason her and Fisher are even in this position, however I think Ashley will continue to be consistent but not be a real challenge on Baskinger, she could possibly in the next few races end up falling out of the loop of the title fight.

It's real interesting to talk about, Jake Baskinger has had an amazing season and its pretty phenomenal what he has been able to accomplish. He's looking good to win the championship at this rate, but Mace, Martin, Turner, and James are right there if he slips up.

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Re: Fuel: It's Going To Be Very Tough For Anyone To Beat Him

Post by MrKyleBusch1 on Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:44 pm

I really want to keep up this consistency for this team because they deserve one after the way they have been fighting all year.


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Re: Fuel: It's Going To Be Very Tough For Anyone To Beat Him

Post by DarkVoid718 on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:30 am

If I am in the title hunt I'd try to give it my best each race. Of course I wouldn't want Baskinger's nickname in DWSR to strike him here.

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Re: Fuel: It's Going To Be Very Tough For Anyone To Beat Him

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