Treck Tauger Injured Will Sit Out -- Driver Replacement

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Treck Tauger Injured Will Sit Out -- Driver Replacement

Post by FUELTheBandicoot on Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:54 pm

After a wreck late in the going at Las Vegas, Treck Tauger slammed into Jeffery Lynn in a vicious wreck that ended up breaking his wrist in, battered and sore, Tauger wants to sit out of next round as a precautionary. Blue Flare Motorsports already having a new replacement in the #81 for the rest of the year with Charlie Smith in the #81, the driver of the #41 replacing Treck Tauger for the races he is sitting out is Alan Cavagnaro. Alan will drive the #81 Toyota for BFM in 2016, so BFM thought that since he is going to be with them next year, time to give Alan some seat time in some nice equipment. Alan has ran for Top 15s most to all season driving for underfunded cars and at Chicagoland finishing 12th in the Mace Enterprises #24 it's gonna be interesting to see how Cavagnaro does in fast equipment for once.

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