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Fisher Motorsports Empty Fisher Motorsports

Post by Ramian Fisher Motorsports on Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:24 pm

President: Jordan Fisher
Founder: Ramian Fisher (Passed)

2015 Drivers:
#2- Jordan Fisher
#22- Maalik Nevins

2016 Drivers:
#2- Jordan Fisher
#22- Maalik Nevins

Both Fisher Motorsports drivers of Maalik Nevins and Jordan Fisher are already preparing for the 2016 season. During their time off, they are either in the garage helping with working on the cars or is out testing at Charlotte. Fisher says he will invest his winnings into both cars for the 2016 season. Here is what Fisher and Maalik has to say when interviewed

JORDAN: The 2015 season so far has been up and downs but mostly downs as of late. The entire crew is currently working on both this car and the 2016 car at the moment. When done with this season, Maalik and i will invest our winnings into our rides for next season.

MAALIK: This has not really been the season i was hoping for, but since we are nowhere near contending for this championship i'm more focused on the 2016. Jordan and i talked and we are both putting money into our cars for next season and hoping to be a little bit more competitive.

Fisher Motorsports had really big plans for future seasons but then founder Ramian Fisher passed after a crash out in Japan. Fisher Motorsports was done for a little bit and lost there spots in races. Then younger brothers of Ramian Fisher stepped in and are now trying to bring Fisher Motorsports to the top or atleast back to where they were.

Ramian Fisher Motorsports

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Fisher Motorsports Empty Re: Fisher Motorsports

Post by DarkVoid718 on Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:15 pm

Jordan's done great for his rookie season, getting to lead the points for a while. I definitely wish Maalik had more luck on his side, he and his team just can't catch a break. But it's good that he's putting more focus on next season and riding this one out for now.

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