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Charles Jackson Released From BFM, Finds Ride At MDR

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Charles Jackson Released From BFM, Finds Ride At MDR Empty Charles Jackson Released From BFM, Finds Ride At MDR

Post by FUELTheBandicoot on Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:29 pm

Charles Jackson has had a rather disappointing season so to speak with Blue Flare Motorsports. However, BFM being a rookie team this season Jackson and Tauger both knew they had their backs up against the wall from day 1. They got their first top 10 finish with Tauger at Road Atlanta and found Top 20 finishes difficult to come by but after some consistent Top 20 finishes, BFM went out on a limb in their organization to buy better engines from FUEL Brothers Racing. Since then, the Blue Flare still hasn't seen the success as they have hoped.

However, FUEL Brothers Racing being one of the top Toyota Racing teams out there in the season has struggled over the summer of June-August to find success themselves. However, FBR has suddenly seen better finishes of Top 10 runs when Blue Flare has been searching for a rebound for awhile now.

Blue Flare Motorsports has since announced the replacement of driver Charles Jackson after Jackson racing 25 out of 25 races for the #81 Best Buy Toyota and getting 0 wins, 1 top 5, and 3 top 10s over his 25 race start with them. Blue Flare Motorsports being a rookie team, has their sights set on WINS with Treck Tauger coming close 3 times, with 3 Top 10 finishes and a runner-up to Nick Mace at ORP. Treck has came close, but Jackson has not. Sitting 27th in the points standings, BFM has announced Charles Jackson will be replaced by Charlie Smith for the rest of the season with 2016 Driver Luca Fontana driving the road course races.

HOWEVER, Charles Jackson out a ride another team struggling to find success...Mountain Dew Racing has picked him up. Mountain Dew Racing started the season with Jordan Newman and Henry Cavanaugh promising great rides to possibly win the championship with, the top two in points for Season 18 jumped aboard the plan to race for MDR for 2015. However, the team lied about a lot of things eventually ending up with the departure of Jordan Newman from the team and SCS Racing after Talladega. The team is not as good as they promised. They buy engines from Allen Family Racing but the crew seems to not know what they are doing from what we have heard. However, having success with Nick Pericles nearly driving a middle class team to victory a couple of times...Henry Cavanaugh has stuck around to have this record 25 starts, 0 wins, 0 top 5s, and 1 top 10 and sits right now 26th in the points standings. The bad showing by Cavanuagh and the release of a possible better driver for the team showed up with Charles Jackson.

Also in the press after the race while Charles Jackson was answering questions about the exchange and his future Jackson said, that he is unsure of if he'll be back for racing at all in 2016 that he will not race full time for 2016 but his plans for a part time ride or even coming back at all after the season finale at DC is unsure of. Jackson said, "My last win came at Talladega in Season 6, that was like what? 12, 13 Seasons ago? It's been a long time. I don't know if I have another win in me anymore I would like to think I do but all I can do is thank MDR for the ride and race as hard as I can for them."

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