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A New Championship Favorite?

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A New Championship Favorite? Empty A New Championship Favorite?

Post by FUELTheBandicoot on Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:55 am

After 4 straight top 10 finishes in the last 4 races with 3 of them being top 5 finishes, DJ Kurtis is HOT right now. DJ Kurtis has came from 123 to 110 to 100 to 76 points behind point leader Jake Baskinger! We all know and remember his championship season in Season 13, DJ Kurtis went into the finale 89 points back needing to be atleast 89 points back or less to mathematically be in the championship fight and was exactly the most you could be back to still be mathematically be in the championship hunt in DC. Burton had to score no points at DC and DJ Kurtis had to win the race. That happened, and DJ Kurtis pulled off the biggest upset and biggest comeback story the SCS has ever seen.

Can DJ Kurtis be in the same position he was in 6 Seasons ago in his championship season? We know that being less than 80 points back is still a good spot to sneak up and win the championship, that is what we call the "lurking distance" being 40-80 back is a solid spot to still have a chance. DJ has got himself from 120 to 76 back in 4 races. With 10 races to go, it might not sound like a lot of races to go but its enough time for anybody in the Top 14 in points to still come back. Eric Burton 15th in points is 145 back and I would call him out, but Noah Hart 14th in points 120 back and everyone in front of him still has a shot at MAYBE getting themselves in positions to fight like Kurtis has.

Can DJ Kurtis get himself up there in the mix for another championship battle? He is closing in, 76 back!

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A New Championship Favorite? Empty Re: A New Championship Favorite?

Post by theformalslime on Tue Oct 20, 2015 4:13 pm

Daleo: Right now i believe DJ is the pride of CBM right now (no offence to Cody). If i get eliminated from championship contention i'm cheering for DJ.

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