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Eugene Demax returns this weekend!

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Eugene Demax returns this weekend! Empty Eugene Demax returns this weekend!

Post by FUELTheBandicoot on Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:40 pm

It was announced that Eugene Demax will return for 2016 driving his old Mace Enterprises #24 Chevy next year replacing Vincent Allen. The #24 Team has struggled to find the finishes this season. The #24 Team has found only 1 top 10 finish this season dating back to Round 12 at Talladega when Vincent Allen finished 2nd.

Vincent Allen sits 28th in points for Mace Enterprises, the other Mace Enterprises cars are 4th, 6th, and 8th in the points standings all having a good shot still at winning the championship. Nick Mace the owner wants to see if Demax can't help get pin point the problem over at the #24 team and help the team get better. Nick has said he wants Vincent to finish off the season with them like promised at the beginning of 2015, however, with all the Mace cars in the Top 10 in points and Vincent Allen near 30th in points. Nick wants Eugene Demax to race at South Boston, Atlanta, and Washington DC for the team this season.

Eugene Demax raced in Season 17 with no Top 10 finishes, did not run in Season 16, Season 15 was the first time in many seasons he went winless, Season 14 he won 6 races out of 19 races that season, Demax in Season 14 (his final season with Mace Enterprises) won 6 races marking a new record for the most wins made by a driver in just one season. Eugene Demax won the Season 14 Finale Race, and that was the last race he drove for Mace however that was 5 Seasons ago and Demax's career has kinda went downhill. It will be interesting to see if he still has what it takes come this Saturday when he takes on South Boston a racetrack he has won at before dating back to Season 4.

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Eugene Demax returns this weekend! Empty Re: Eugene Demax returns this weekend!

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:56 pm

Good Luck Demax opportunity rewarding or just a waste and Mace Enterprises will regret not having me for their Road Course since I'm the better Road Course Ace all time

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