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"What If" We Didn't Have A Chase In Season 7, 10 and 16?

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"What If" We Didn't Have A Chase In Season 7, 10 and 16? Empty "What If" We Didn't Have A Chase In Season 7, 10 and 16?

Post by FUELTheBandicoot on Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:17 pm

In this selection I will show you the Top 5 in final points, in both ways.

Season 7 Chase and Actual Points

1. #8 Jordan Davis
2. #9 Luke Martin -4
3. #43 Michael White -47
4. #11 Mason Gordon -50
5. #24 Charles Sandfer -63

With using the Chase for Season 7, it brought a lot of controversy. A Chase System that was suppose to be a 10 Race Season racing to get into the chase, then supposed to be a 10 race chase. However, a mid race decision decided the chase be only 5 races. The Chase was dominated by 3 Coorweiser cars, However Davis and Martin ran consistent the whole way thus pulling such a big gap. Martin went into DC only 2 points behind Davis, the final few laps played out with Martin having to beat Davis by 2 positions to tie and clitch the title. Davis was the one beating Martin by 2 spots. Winning the title by only 4 points

Season 7 With No Chase

1. #9 Luke Martin
2. #24 Charles Sandfer -40
3. #8 Jordan Davis -41
4. #48 Nick Mace -56
5. #29 Evan Gattuso -82

Season 7 saw a lot of in consistency at the time. Nobody was able to be consistent. However for the most part, the 24 and 9 was the most consistent of the whole season. The 24 faltered through the final 5 races, leading the points standings for most of the regular season. His struggles to keep up his good pace in the final 5 races would of ultimately been Sandfer's demise in winning the Season 7 Title under this format, however a very consistent Jordan Davis would have rallied back in the title run to place 3rd after lurking just inside the top 10 in points most the regular season. This would have been Luke Martin's first and only Sony Cup Title if we had never had a Chase.

Season 10 With Chase and Actual Points

1. #17 Jackson Williams
2. #1 Chris Summers -7
3. #20 Richerd Johnson -16
4. #5 Ashley Mace -22
5. #9 Greg Brown -30

In this title fight, it was very very random. Anybody really had a shot at the title going into DC, being the 2nd to last race of the season at the time. Williams, Summers, Johnson, A. Mace, Brown all with legitimate shots at coming away with the point lead after DC. But at Washington DC, everyone in the Chase wrecked and had problems but Jackson Williams. Giving Williams a big point lead going into Daytona the Season Finale. He ended up getting damage and finishing 15th with Chris Summers going on finishing 3rd making up only enough ground to finish 7 points behind.

Season 7 With No Chase

1. #9 Greg Brown
2. #17 Jackson Williams -4
3. #5 Ashley Mace -27
4. #11 Eric Burton -30
5. #48 Nick Mace -30

If we had not had a Chase for the Season 10, things would have been really saddened after the finale. Even with the Chase being ran in the Season 10 Finale, the Season 10 Finale is set as the most saddest Season Finale and most forgotten finales in history due to us not focus on the champion, but more focus on the passing of a veteran driver. That veteran driver was Greg Brown. Despite wrecking in a vicious incident early in the Finale he would of been champion of the Season 10. Greg Brown dominated the season and nobody seemed to be able to stop him. However, if we didn't have a chase, he faltered at DC. Greg Brown would of lost the chance to be the first driver to ever clitch a title before the finale and lost a big chunk of his point lead. Leaving him and Jackson Williams only 10 points apart going into DC. However even with Greg Brown wrecking and getting deported from the racetrack to Halifax Medical Center and dying only getting the news of the tragedy at the end of the race. Greg Brown... Would of won the Season 10 Championship not being alive... Jackson Williams having damage only able to gain 6 points wouldn't have been enough. Greg Brown a Season 2 racer, racing for wins and ultimately a championship would have earned his biggest accomplishment ever and would of been the first driver to ever win a Sony Cup Series and ARCSOA Elites Title. This would of been huge... With the Chase in play however, it didn't come to that. The reset in the Chase gave Jackson Williams the upper hand advantage.

Season 16 With Chase and Actual Points

1. #84 Jacob Hart (1st)
2. #01 Luke Martin (3rd)
3. #8 Zachary Fitzwater (5th)
4. #17 DJ Kurtis (6th)

Using the Chase in Season 16 is exactly what the SCS is considering doing for 2016. Just like the NASCAR Sprint Cup Format. In a must win situation for our final 4 drivers at DC the finale was shaping up nice. Our Final 4 running upfront battling each other majority of the race. Luke Martin got passed by Jacob Hart late in the race for the lead and Hart didn't let it go. Martin fell to 3rd and earned his 5th runner-up finish in the Sony Cup Series history.

Season 16 Without A Chase

1. #83 Noah Hart
2. #17 DJ Kurtis -1
3. #01 Luke Martin -9
4. #8 Zachary Fitzwater -20
5. #84 Jacob Hart -35

In a 30 car season, this season would have been won by a FUEL Brothers Driver whether it was Jacob or Noah one of the Hart boys would of got their first Championships. In this situation, Noah Hart had DOMINATED the season with his consistency however with not winning a single race all season put him at a disadvantage. However, a wreck in the season finale finishing 23rd when all he had to do was finish 18th or better really would have set the stage for Kurtis the only title contender left to threat at stealing this one. With Hart out of the race, this left Kurtis with a must finish 5th or better to clinch scenario. Kurtis finished 6th, giving Noah Hart the Season 16 Championship, you got to wonder if we didn't have a Chase if Kurtis would of tried an extra bit harder in them final laps to get 5th. It could of been Kurtis's 2nd Title and he would of been the 2nd driver to ever tie The King Richerd Johnson with 2 titles, however with Noah winning the championship like this, Jacob Hart would of swept a FUEL Brothers season back to back with championships. However, Jacob wouldn't of gotten his 2nd title. He would of got his first in Season 17. He wouldn't of tied Richerd Johnson with the most championships of all time at 2 Titles.

If DIDN'T have a Chase things would be different. In the 2015 Season, Jake Baskinger, Nick Mace, and Luke Martin would all have a shot at getting their 2nd Title in the series, "King Richerd" would be all by himself as the driver with only 2 Championships. A lot is different now that these 3 Seasons had a Chase, The Chase definitely changes the way the series would of played out. Martin would of got a Title in Season 7 instead of being in 17 Seasons with 5 runner ups with no title, Greg Brown would of won the title as he passed away in a fatal wreck..., and NOAH Hart would of won the title not Jacob and Richerd Johnson would still be the only driver to ever have 2 titles... Those 3 Seasons are big "WHAT IF"s

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"What If" We Didn't Have A Chase In Season 7, 10 and 16? Empty Re: "What If" We Didn't Have A Chase In Season 7, 10 and 16?

Post by RedViperGaming on Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:46 pm

Well Damn.

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